[BUG] Game loaded with Geoscape showing me all sites

Hey there,
so as the topic name says - I loaded up my game (in the middle of escaping from Ambush mission). When I returned to Geoscape I found out that all of the sites which are available on Geoscape are shown to me without scanning.
That surely will ruin fun for me this load as no scanning is needed and I can travel all across the world.

Will try to reload the same save and find if the bug persists. Will update this post

See above screenshot (America continent - never been there, started in Africa)

Another observation possibly related to this issue:
When I was starting the game from Epic Lancher, I was notified that the saves are not in sync and I was asked if want to upload my local save or download the newer save from the cloud. The cloud was newer save so I naturally picked the newer one (cloud).

Hope my feedback will help to improve the game.
Best regards

EDIT: Restarted game, load same file - issue still there.

If this reaches you before you reload, could you use the in game bug reporter (f12) to report it. It gives the QA team much more data to work with

Oh…already reloaded… anyway will do the F12 and will hope that some data might be useful (didn’t know there was this feature).

it isn’t well advertised