Stuck by lack of resources

Had to restart my last campaign because i run out of resources.
Every bloody mission, even those won easily, i finished with a negative balance having to rebuild at least a couple weapons for the team destroyed by grenades.

Whan i finally found the second phoenix base i didnt have the 200 needed to build a living quarter there and i’m unable to do more scavenging mission for lack of ammo and weapons.

I have a real lot of food, i built the facility early, and tech but i was at 7 resouces, not enough to replenish the ammo i spent

Did i miss something, like a tech that allows me to build some resources at manufacturing?

Recycle all the weapons you get from missions. The Tritons, depending on load out, can give you a boatload of Materials. Especially if they have the HJ sniper rifle. Use the food overstock to trade for Materials with the Havens, make sure you keep a fallback amount obviously. Trading tech for materials is a higher exchange rate. But again, don’t go overboard on that.


What is that?

OOPS that was a typo, it should have been NJ sniper rifle., For the New Jericho one. In one of the missions I think I ended up with about 10 for salvage.

Nice cash then. :wink: I wondered if I haven’t found that specific rifle. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I am sure you did. this is a regular triton sniper before they start to use annoying synedrion one :smiley:

Hadnt realized that the recycle is the equivalent of the sell and in fact i have many weapons without the ammo to use them that can be recycled without problems

Having one of those days, not only got typo HJ instead of NJ. But Kane reminded me it was the Synedrion sniper rifle. Seem to be getting those two factions confused at the moment on various things.