Strength does not affect the range you can throw turrets

Strength does not affect the range you can throw turrets. The tool tip of Strength clearly states “how far items can be thrown”. This would make sense and gives strength some much needed meaning - at least for one class.


I… don’t understand why strength would affect something else’s ability to throw something?

Humans are tool using creatures; we’ve used things to extend our ability to throw something for over 12,000 years (google ‘atlatle age’ if you don’t believe me).

I’d object if a soldier’s strength had anything to do with the range of a turret.

The soldier is the one throwing the turret. I see how the wording might’ve confused you.

I don’t. How can you be that confused. You first have to assume that turrets throw things :o

It is what you wrote though.
“The throwing range of turrets” isn’t exactly the same as ,“the range you can throw turrets,” especially if English might not be a first language.

It’s not. Thanks.