How do you throw turrets?

I recently purchased the “throw turret” ability on my assault/technician soldier but I’m not seeing any option to throw the turrets only deploy them?

Is this bug or am I overlooking something?

Do you still have only an option to deploy them at an adjucent square?
Or can you place them farther than that?

Haven’t done it since BBs.
Doesn’t it work like a grenade ? You select the icon in the bottom and then show where you want to throw it.

I’m only seeing the option to deploy them to an adjacent square there’s no throw icon at all or ability to select and throw it like a grenade?

Well, cannot help today (new year’s eve) but will gladly try tomorrow to see if I find it (if no-one comes with an answer in the meantime).

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After exiting and reentering the game the deploy turret button was replaced with the throw turret one so it’s working as expected now, apparently it was just a bug that self corrected on reboot.