Quarterback perk

so, does the quarterback 's +50 % grenade distance only affected “thrown” grenades or also with launched from grenade launcher?

could go either way from logic without having tried it yet

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It is for hand grenade. It would be strange if strength of a hand would affect propelled launcher.

It’s also strange that this perk doesn’t work for throwing the turrets.

lol. Come on. Who deploy turrets by throwing them… They are quite heavy. This is thing for Avengers and Mjolnir trick. Turrets should be deployed by placing them adjacent to the soldier.

It is actually a skill

I know but I would remove that skill. Sorry again for my narrative. :slight_smile:

I agree …

Techs have mechanical arms, that’s how they can toss them.

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Is the skill dependant whether you have or have not mechanical arms? :slight_smile:

no, i think they were saying “quarterback” should also apply to turrnet (but it doesnt)

but also no, the arms does not add throwing distance (that i know if)

Turrets aren’t explosive, so of course Quarterback shouldn’t apply.

you would think quarterbacks that can throw a football and a grenande can also throw a turrent slightly fartherthan a non quarterback right? hahahah

talking about expllosive tho, so i noticed the hel cannon isnt “explosive” for the boom blast perk, thoguht that was slightly relavent and funny

Turrets are thrown underhand. While a few real quarterbacks have baseball backgrounds and can manage some distance underhand it’s no were as far as the long bomb.

EDIT: As a side note, early tests showed that thrown turrets almost always landed on their side and were thus useless. So the engineers have rigged the turrets with cat-like gyroscopes so they always land on their feet.

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So a Tech can’t deploy turrets without the robotic arms module?

I’ve found a lost one during a random event and decided to keep them within the Phoenix Protect, but they had no robotic arms nor turrets yet…

There is a different skill for that, MOUNTED WEAPONS PROFICCIENCY that increases 20% range and damage of rockets fired from heavy mounted point, but only perk that increases the granade launcher is BLAST BOOM.

Whereby mounted weapon is randomly generated and blast boom is only avail to heavy class.