Stomper Legs bugged

The in game description of stomper legs says that they give +5 Strength, they actually only give +1. It also says that they give a “stability stance” (giving a +20% accuracy bonus, presumably for some unspecified penalty), but this does not show up on the ability bar (or anywhere else I’ve seen).

Once upon a time, but now the text is out of date. Yes, just +1 str now and only +12% accuracy.

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They don’t even bother to change a text…

and there are some people who defends those devs… really…


This is because UI is disjoined with abilities. UI need to be updated separately along with changes made to the abilities. Strange design I would say.

I’m going to bump this. It’s been forever and the descriptions haven’t been updated with what the mutation actually does. Most the info can be gleamed from the stats panel, including skills gained, but… really? Come on. The strenght bonus isn’t even LISTED in that stat panel i just mentioend. Just remove the flavour text altogether then instead of leaving in “Stability Stance” and fix the stat panel, or just make it all work. PS, 12% accuracy is a bit OP for legs.

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