Hitpoints to strength wrong

my hit points dont match strength. i have some guys that are 50 - 60 hit points short of what they should be. this is maximum hit points not injuries included. i have 2 guys that have 21 strength and max hit points are 150 is this a bug. i have 3 technicians and 2 have this issue the other is fine

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probably we would need to have more information… when it happens, where do you see it, what was happening before you spottet that issue

so this is on multiple characters 6 -7 out of 30ish, strength will be over 20 and matching encumbrance but hitpoints will be only 150ish, also your strength adjust in combat to match hitpoints so you then become over encumbered (eg 150 HP is 15 strength)

I’ve had this happen to me a half dozen times or so. I tend to never notice that there’s a discrepancy until probably far after it actually occurred. I have yet to understand what causes it. Reported it more than once over the past year. Gamebreaking bug if you ask me. I tend to just quit playing once I notice.