Feats Not Working

Feats like: Resourceful, Farsighted and Healer and so on does NOT give the +2 bonuses to willpower and strength and so on. What is going on? Seems like a simple fix? Why are these issues here?


I have mentioned this in the bug section as well, maybe someone here know something, bugs like this get under my skin. To simple to fix. WTF!

In backer builds, those skills added to the total on your Stat screen, and thus increased points to raise Stat further as well as counted towards the maximum. I believe (with no actual testing, to be fair) that they were moved to apply in tactical layer instead, so that they didn’t mess with the skill point distribution and would be able to bonus you past the usual max.

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Yes, see your bug thread. They are giving the bonus, it just doesn’t show in the stat bar screen.

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