Steam Missing DLC

After installing the game and starting a new campaign I am unable to use any of the DLC, it just says “available” and when clicked on takes me to the store page.

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Same here, I think they are just active and can’t be unchecked.

Yep, when I click on any of the DLC it just tries to open the Steam page. After a game updated it informed me that Steam has now finished downloading the Digital Edition.

The DLC packs can now be activated. :slight_smile:

It took some time before all of the DLCs became available. I don’t know why they needed time before one can activate them…

I started a new campaign yesterday and DLC behaved like this. As I only played a couple of hours I think I will restart to make sure the DLC are all activated on my campaign.

Actually there were issues with the build that Steam got (and or something on Steam’s side). It took Snapshot 2 builds to get all DLCs to be available. The good thing is that it was all resolved in a few hours. You should be fine to go. Though if you have freshly started the Steam client, you should restart it first.