Just got the preorder today... before reading this Epic info

So I just got the preorder today… after the announcement but before I read anything about it… I was keeping up on the game and decided I should pick it up. Then I noticed all the epic exclusive store info just dropped. I have no interest in getting it for the epic store but I was a little more forgiving after I saw they said people would still get it on steam with the first year of dlc for free. The problem is that the language they used was muddy and I’m not sure if the purchase I made today would be included in that. If not I’m just going to get the refund and maybe not bother with this whole thing as it all feels a bit shady.

Could I get an answer on if my purchase today will be included in the free DLC and steam download a year from release or do I need to get the refund?

If you ordered after the Epic announcement was made (10am PT / 5pm GMT on Tuesday March 12th) then you would not get the free DLC. This is only for people who backed prior to the announcement. If you purchase the game after it was announced that it would be an Epic exclusive, you will only get the Epic key.

Ok well I assume I can still get my refund since this info and announcement was posted on forums and reddit but not anywhere on the main page when purchasing this?

The description on the store page was updated to say available on the Epic store at the same time the announcement was made.

So you will need to go to Xsolla for the refund as it was after the change. You can contact them via https://help.xsolla.com

Ok, UV, if you could answer me, I will be thankful. I do not want to back out, but I don’t want anything to do with Tencent. Can I still get steam key for this game, but one year later? It may sound entitled, but I don’t want to buy the game twice.

They updated the epic-faq, it says this:

Part of our arrangement with Epic is a one year-exclusivity period on PC and Mac through the Epic Games Store. One year after release, we’ll be able to distribute the game through other third-party stores, such as Steam and GOG.com. All backers up to this point will also STILL receive a Steam or GOG key after the 1 year exclusivity period.

So the official promise is yes, we’ll see if they can stay true to it.

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I just wanted to be sure about something, if you don’t mind. I originally pre-odered 25/09/2017 (Digital download) and 11 days ago, I contacted Xsolla and “upgraded” to Platinum edition 3/3/2019. Am I still eligible for the free DLC and what not? I called in Xsolla just moments ago and they said that they two “orders” are different.

I know you just said it’s 12th March but doesn’t hurt to be sure.

As long as your order as before the announcement (10am PT / 5pm GT on the 12th) then you will still get the free DLC (and eventual Steam/GOG key).

That’s great that I did it 3rd march then. Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

@UnstableVoltage can you tell what will be difference between Digital and Luxury versions? Because now it looks like all backers and pre-ordering customers will be granted all DLCs in first year for free. But some have paid more for Luxury version to have that weapon and armour bonuses. Will Digital version also have that DLC?