Status of physical backer rewards for phoenix point?

the email I recieved the 22:th of november last year said:
“Physical Rewards are being manufactured and packed as we write this. They should be shipped out to backers in early 2020, arriving not long after that.”

what is the status, have they been shipped, and if not, when are they going to be shipped

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Nothing has shipped yet. The team are currently busy signing the boxes and art books for the Signed Collector’s Edition. That has been happening today and will probably take the rest of this week.

Packages should start shipping later this month. When they do, we’ll make an announcement and send out emails with tracking information.


thank you for the informative reply, looking forward to receiving my Goddies :slight_smile:

Btw, digital rewards like the soundtrack and digital arbook, where can I find them?
I tried to look in Epic games map but that seems to contain only the game.

Once again thanks for all the hard work you are putting into all this

You should find another entry in your Epic Library called “Phoenix Point Content”. It’s a separate install and contains any extra digital stuff.

well, I must be blind or something, I can’t find any folder like that in my Epic Games folder, nor anywhere else when I search the hard disk. Might my backer status not have been enabled or something? but I have the ingame items

It won’t be on your hard disk unless you install it. It’s separate from the game install. You need to open the Epic Games Launcher, look in the library (button the left side of the launcher), and then in the list of games you should see “Phoenix Point Content”, which you need to install if you want all of the digital extras. The extras available does depend on which tier of the game you purchased.

ah, I’m stupid, now I found it, thanks for the help and good luck now :slight_smile:

Has anything shipped yet?

@Valygar Is there any progress on the physical goods?

Nothing has been sent yet. We’re hoping it will be by the end of this month. We’ll make an announcement when we start to ship, and you will receive an email with the tracking information.

Thanks for the response!

Any updates yet?

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I’m wondering this myself as well. I’m guessing they are waiting for a version of the game that is well balanced before it goes onto the physical format. The good news is that my current play through of this last patch seems better than before, so I’m cautiously optimistic!

Shipping of physical backer rewards started this week but delays are expected as the couriers are really busy now. Some of them were already delivered though. You will get an e-mail with a tracking link once your order is shipped.

Are these still being sent? I haven’t yet received an email to say mine has been shipped.

Yes, they are still being sent gradually. It is an ongoing process. Once yours is shipped, you will get the tracking number, via email which you used for backing the game.

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