Backer Rewards still not arrived, Please Help

Hi Everyone,

Firstly thank you for the hard work you have put into Phoenix Point, Love the game.

This post is somewhat of a cry for help regards the physical rewards provided by backing the initial stages of the game back in 2018.

I have received the game of course and received notification of dispatch for the physical items on 14th of April however no delivery arrived. I gave plenty of time for delivery due to the Covid-19 situation and after making an enquiry was notified that the items were not in fact dispatched.

That was back in early may (11th), and since then have been told on two occasions that if they cannot be located a new package will be dispatched. This has not happened and all further enquiries have had the same lackluster responses and no information or update is provided until I e-mail requesting one.

The latest message stated if the package is not located within a week, a new one will be dispatched, this was 12th of June and no update or delivery has been received since.

Is there anybody who can assist with this matter as e-mailing is quite honestly draining at this point and both contact e-mail used have been responded to by the same member of staff.


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Here the same person will respond to you. But good that you rise the issue.


I dropped a message to our guy who is dealing with physical backer rewards delivery to look at your case.

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Thank you for the response.

Hopefully this can get the matter resolved if not actually moving after 3 months of waiting.