[stadia] can't scroll research list

Hello. I play the game on my tv with using the Stadia controller.

On Stadia I can’t scroll the research list. the cursor always jumps to the first position if scrolling down. This sucks, as all selectable research missions are to capture aliens and I can’t research what I need…

Is there any workaround for Stadia?

Thank you


I’m experiencing the same issue

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The same using xbox controller on pc.

Thanks for the reports guys. We looked into it and were able to reproduce it so we are going to fix it.

BTW There is an option to report bugs directly from Stadia: “Send feedback” option which is accessible through the sidebar after you launch a game (Shift-Tab > Options).



thanks a lot for fixing this. Sometimes simple screenshots doesn’t help. Just like in this case. I will look how to capture short videos on my tv. thanks for this masterpiece of entertainment btw :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

I’m still having this problem. It never went away. Also there is no report feature while playing on Google TV, haven’t checked from a Chrome browser on my computer yet.

I switched to play on my PC with Mouse, much more comfortable than gamepad.