It is impossible to scroll in any dialog when using controller

This has been a bug that has prevented me from playing since release.

In any dialog box that you can scroll in, there are icons that show right stick up and down indicating that you can use right stick to scroll. This doesn’t work.

Nothing on the controller will scroll these dialog boxes.

In addition, you can’t even use the keyboard or mouse to scroll them as they are disabled when using the controller.

So, it is impossible to scroll any dialog boxes full stop.

This is a class A bug and needs to be addressed immediately. It is astounding that it is both blatantly obvious and has a massive impact on the ability to play at all and hasn’t been addressed yet.

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Report it using the F12 button on your keyboard.

Probably not many players use controller in strategy games while having PC with mouse and keyboard.

Yes, there is a problem with scrolls when using a controller. However, sometimes there is a sweet spot where they do work, it’s just hard to find (and with a few scrolls I couldn’t find it at all). I reported this a couple of weeks ago, but you reporting it again will not hurt.

However, I didn’t have a problem switching between mouse and keyboard and controller on the fly…

Perhaps not many, but I for one sometimes want to use the TV instead of the monitor and play on the sofa…

Isn’t this game available on the Xbox One as well?