Can't Scroll on Personnel Screen

I am playing on a 4k Monitor set to 2560x1440 with the game video settings set to 2560x1440 @ 59khz. I have tried other resolutions. I am playing on Epic.

I cannot scroll down on the personnel list either in just personnel or pre-mission window. I can click the initial select, but then it jumps to the top and will not scroll down. This is super frustrating and nearly game breaking. Please help.

I’ve recorded the issue and it can be seen here:

do you have some external controller except mouse and keyboard? if so, unplug it.

I don’t. But, this shouldn’t matter. If they are offering Controller Support, this should still work as intended.

sometimes there is interference and game recognize wrongly input from such devices. Player need to disable that option. But that is not your case, then.