A Simple Solution to the Dash Debate

Reading the Sight Lines discussion in the Legendary Thread, I realised that there is a very simple solution to the differences of opinion on Dash, which I’m sure the Devs have thought of already. Simply link it to Difficulty Level:

EASY: Dash = 3 WP
NORMAL: Dash = 5 WP
VETERAN: Dash = 9 WP

That way, if you want your Squad to act like superheroes and Dash all over the map, pick Easy. If you want an X-COM style challenge, pick Vet: and if you’re into Legendary masochism, pick Impossible.

Everyone’s happy :wink:


I haven’t read the complaints but I can only imagine. The skill use super useful and I’ve often thought after using it twice or so in a round that it might not be getting used as intended.

I’d suggest an alternative (and this would be applied to things like Quick Aim as well): +1 WP per use in the same turn.

You still get your dash, but the cross country in a single turn dash becomes very costly.

I’m with you, but +1 wouldn’t be enough.

I routinely train up my Squaddies to 12 WP, which means that they can Dash 4 times across the map - on +1 per use, they’d still be able to do that 3 times - and with a Jet-Packing Heavy bouncing between the Will Wells on the map, you can often get over 15 WP per Squaddie - especially if your Dash-Head is killing 1 or 2 Crabbies a turn. So 3/4/5/6 WP per repeated use doesn’t make it any less OP.

Sorry but that i no really solution, it would just make it unplayable compared to other strong perks. The WP cost should just increase by using again and again (also every other spamable perk). 1st 3WP, 2nd 6WP, 3rd 9WP, … you could still use it a few time in one turn but with much higher cost.

That works for you and me, but it doesn’t work for Spagetman, who wants the perk to be spammable - hence the Easy setting for those who want supermen.

Most of us would play on Vet or Imp, where Dash becomes a one-off, very rare ‘get out of trouble’/‘make a big play’ maneouvre.

But those who want an easier, mega-hero kind of game can opt to play the way they want too.

Tying skill balance to difficulty setting is certianly a solution, but I am not sure if it is a good one. Generally you want difficulty to be reflective of mastery of system required to succeed.

I am curious if/how devs will approach this subject for 1.0.

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Why not simply put on cooldown for like 1 use in every 5 turns, for instance, or a limited number per mission?

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I don’t think devs wanted to limited abilities in that way. The whole them of PP is: “like XCOM but with more depth and control”. Once you use cooldowns, ala XCOM, is there a point for the will?

Having to spend will to use abilities, which then leaves soldiers exposed to panic and mind attacks is a great idea. But it needs heavy balancing. The downside of an open systems like that, is that the more freedom the players have, the more ways there are of breaking the system.

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Yeah, I get that. I just hate the idea of superpowers. From what I see, the game is easy even without them

Though I tend to harp on about it in order to help the Devs know what is well-balanced and what isn’t, I would say you can probably trust that the game they ship out on Dec 3rd will be well-balanced and difficult. That, after all, is the USP of a Julian Gollop game and the main reason most of us backed it.

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Yah, ok, i’m just a worrier. So few good games out there

For me, the most simple solution for dash would be just to get rid of it entirely as a perk. Soldiers shouldn’t be able to teleport around the battlefield in the first place, and will has got little to do with movement speed.

Instead, I think there should be a perk or even a base stat that ties to the standard movement range of a solider on a given turn. Soldiers having variable speeds for a given time period makes far more sense.


I couldn’t agree more. Also levelling up and building stats shouldn’t be too fast/too easy.

Brilliant solution! well done…:slight_smile:

MichaelIgnotus DON’T SPEAK FOR ME OK!

I actually like that idea, it is a brilliant solution! So if I need a child’s opinion I will ask you ok… You have NO CLUE to what I want and as for statement about most would be playing higher than me, well I was playing these types of games before you were even a twinkle in the eye. So to say what you did is just rude and childish. GET OVER IT!

I actually think this could work but with one change, the +1 is cumulative, repeat of an ability is +1 WP, the next is +2 and so on. I feel like the freedom PP gives you is part of the fun and playing around with using abilities should not be completely shut down and punished but it does need a bit of balance.

MichaelIgnotus DON’T SPEAK FOR ME OK!

I actually like that idea, it is a brilliant solution! So if I need a child’s opinion I will ask you ok… You have NO CLUE to what I want and as for statement about most would be playing higher than me, well I was playing these types of games before you were even a twinkle in the eye. So to say what you did is just rude and childish. GET OVER IT!

No need to be so hostile Spag.

If you read my other posts (esp. Does anyone else remember when Steam was the Evil Empire?), you ill realise that I’m actually a lot older than many people on these fora.

we all love this type of game, and we all want to make this the best possible game of its type, which is why we’re here, debating how many Crabbies we can fit on the head of a pin :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This entire thread is a genuine attempt on my part to suggest a solution which will enable other players to play this game in a way that is anathema to me, and which I believe that neither the Devs nor most people on these fora think this game should be about. But IT’S JUST A GAME, and just because I think it should be almost impossible to win doesn’t mean others shouldn’t find other ways to enjoy it.

You are on record as saying that you like Dash the way it is and therefore want it to be infinitely spammable. Therefore, when I say ‘That’s not what Spagetman wants’, I am simply stating a fact that you have VERY FORCEFULLY & HOSTILELY put on at least 3 other threads that I have read so far.

I’m trying to find a way to give you what you’re complaining about here, so how about you calm down a bit, eh :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the fact your solution makes practical sense. The one place I start getting a bit of a bug bear for the ‘lack of dash’ is with the assault/beserker combo. Dash for them would make a lot of sense in a similar vein to the heavies body slam - ie using a little AP & will to both charge and wack someone. Without it he seems less effective than if he just had a rifle or whatever for the second attack… or maybe just less fun.

That is one edge case though… so could easily just accommodate by giving the beserker a charge function and removing dash in the way you’ve suggested.

I think one of the issues with removing dash is the way some missions are generated make it almost impossible to win without dash. When I was playing the last build I didn’t really know about dash abuse and just looked at it like the ‘Run and Gun’ ability from the Firaxis XCOM.

I kept getting salvage missions where the supplies and mutants were so far away from me that I had no hope of saving them before they were destroyed. Sometimes saving resources or mission critical structures requires some dash abuse. I don’t think it should be possible to save everything, but you at least should be able to get to the fight before over half of them are destroyed.

I did just think of a solution to that, you could send in one unit as a ‘scout’ who would actually scout the map and allow you to choose the direction your main force deploys from, but a mechanic like that is way to complex to implement this late in the development cycle.

Ok… It just came across as if you were calling a moron that’s why the hostility! I am closer to 60 than 55 and was playing computer games since 1980 so I am not a novice. My comments in the other post were based on no one coming up with a solution apart from make it ridiculous, which is why I was so adamant about leaving it alone. However, your solution is well… a perfect solution and would allow for every kind of play. So that is something I can get on board with. Because if I felt like turkey shoot could use the lower setting and when I wanted some serious time I just wind it up! I like it! Solves all issues.

It was not really complaining by the way, I was stressing a point that no one seemed to get, which is of course frustrating and that comes through in the posts.

I to love these kinds of games especially the XCOM 2 ones have been playing that through again while waiting for this to come out in its “bug” free balanced form…:slight_smile: (WE HOPE!)

So if there is no malice towards me then the hostility is gone…:slight_smile: