Faction final mission too soon _ Spoiler _

Hi all

In my play through i done the final Anu mission and the Supreme told me about her plans to kill the yuggothian entity… Before i went in Antartica and knew about from Symes’s story.
Wondering if it is a bug or just a balance error

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It makes sense to me that she knows about the entity, since she is in contact with it all the time.
Now calling it the Yuggothian Entity means that it would have told her that it’s on Yuggoth.
I don’t remember the cutscene I had to see how ambiguous it is.

Yes, to me too. There is no cutscene, just a message from her at the end of the Mausoleum defence mission asking for a research. Now i m doing the final mission playing with her too, nice. But maybe the message should have triggered after i was in Antartica.