Spider drone pack is broken

The icon is there on the action bar but is greyed out and cannot be selected. Reported via F12.
Does the term “beta testing” mean anything to you so called “programmers”?


Regression testing. It is called regression testing.


Came here to report the same bug but not be so “douchy” about it.


Jan 16 after patch. mine shows no enough ammo. however it is full clips

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same here full clip too

Same scenario here. Was working just fine before latest patch.

Same issue…drone pack is completely broken

Was hoping for a fix for this. I tried unequipping and reequipping and various other things but can’t get it to work. Shooting only 1 spider for 2 AP sucks now, lol. I LOVE spider drones, just wish they wouldn’t move to a spot where they put cover between them and their target and do 0 dmg sometimes, but I think it’s fair they don’t always work at the same time. They are good at uncovering fools as well. I have a 4 man infil team all with full spider ammo inventories lol. Takes awhile for 24 spiders to move and blow up tho… lol

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Yea man this one is quite infuriating at times. Sometimes they move from a perfectly fine position where they would hit 3 enemies to behind a wall where they would hit 0. Those things are trolling us !

I got this too.

RIP my spoder brood :frowning: