Spider Drones Become Inactive

I’m not sure what triggers it, but since the Derleth patch I am seeing Spider Drones becoming inactive after 1 or 2 turns. Even the enemy no longer sees them as a threat. They just stop becoming active players even though the are shown as active player units.

EDIT: Just ran into this again. It seems that the drone “clones” itself. While there is only 1 drone on the map, if one tries to manual control it, there are 2 to choose from. No matter which one is selected, it can not be moved. The only thing that will work is to have it explode. When it explodes, the “clone” can now be controlled and moved.

EDIT Redux: It happened again. However, this time the drone wasn’t cloned, it just stopped activity. When my tech attempted to control it, there were no options (movement or explode), it was just a dud.

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I can confirm that behaviour sometimes

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Yep me too. Last night i had several occasions where four to five drones would appear. Often one would be inactive but not all the time. I ended up with five active drones wandering around on one occasion. Always facied doing a nest or lair where i just send a load of drone capable troops and just keep pumping wave after wave of drones into the colony from the DZ to see what happens.

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Yep me to!

Has the new hot-patch fixed it?

So far, it appears to have been solved.