Sound ambient/music disappears and freezes the game

I can’t provide much help because it seems to happen completely randomly. The ambient audio/music regularly disappears and only soldier barks and sfx play for several minutes. Some of the time when the audio disppears it freezes a couple seconds later before I get control back. I don’t know what info I can provide to assist with solving this bug. It seems completely unrelated to anything I do. It happened in the tutorial missions, every stage at least once. And now in two of the exploration missions I’ve done. It’s not my system. I’ve opened up a YouTube video while this happened and it’s just fine.

I don’t see any pattern with actions I take. Sometimes it’s just when I’m scrolling around the map. Sometimes it’s during move animations.
I tried to record a video that demonstrates the freezes. And by coincidence I noticed I couldn’t open my SSD, it was unresponsive. Then the freeze stopped and audio returned, I could access my drive again. There’s a reset to the device in the windows event viewer. This doesn’t happen with other games, ever. I’m gonna look at the SMART to see if it’s my SSD crapping out.
I’ve looked backwards in the log and the reset only happens when I was playing Phoenix Point. SMART looks fine for the SSD, nothing strange at all.