Freezing Bug Fixed

Been beta testing games since the late 90’s so i tried to remember if there was any instance like Phoenix Point where the game would freeze but it would keep on going (hearing sounds and such) and, there was.
The solution back then was easy, remove your cards factory overclock. 90% of the cards come with some kind of factory overclock and for reasons i can’t figure out this actually messes up games.
So i reduced the clocks of my 1080 by 200MHZ for the core and 400MHZ for the memories and Voila, no freezing for over 2 hours now (when i used to have them in every single mission).
You will need to use software to do this but every manufacturer has one.
Do try and share your findings.
Thank you.

PS: Posted this solution in both areas so more people can check it out (3+ hours without any freezing so far).

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