Phoenix Point sound not working now that I have added the two DLC's


I played the game through a few times, then I let it sit while I waited for the DLC’s to be released.

Anyways, now there is no sound. My sound works fine. Other programs’ sound works fine. Other Epic Games platform games sound fine. I can alt+tab to other programs while I have Phoenix Point and their sound works fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled Phoenix Point and the DLC’s. No sound with or without DLC.

Edited out the bitching. Suffice to say it was there. Anything else I can try? The game is not very enjoyable with no sound at all.

Just so you know there is F12 button in game for reporting bugs. It will send devs all sort of data to investigate.

Thank you Wormerine, I will certainly give that a shot.

Also tried loading with no DLC. No sound.