Graphics Engine Crash?

Greetings. I have submitted an F12 bug report as well, but as this is a game breaking bug, it is not possible to do so in the real-time operating environment.

I will describe the steps that take place to reproduce the bug. At present it occurs in 100% of my games, although the amount of time from startup to occurence varies widely.

  1. Start the game (the bug occurs in windowed or fullscreen).

  2. Start a mission. At present I have not attempted the procedural missions. I willupdate this thread once I have done so.

  3. Mission loads.

  4. Begin giving orders: Up to this point all is well. From the first turn onward it becomes possible for the bug to occur. It has occured as early as the second turn or as late as the tenth.

  5. Bug description: (Windowed) First the cursor hangs. Then after 1-3 seconds the screen goes black briefly and then returns. The audio never stops or stutters. Once the screen comes back the Phoenix Point window is completely white. Audio still plays. The cursor cannot be seen, but it is still active. If you move the mouse around the audio interface cues play as they pass over various GUI objects. Pressing tab will also play the ‘next soldier’ audio. However, the screen reveal nothing.
    (Full screen) In full screen everything described above is exactly the same with one major difference. When Phoenix Point is the active window, the display is transparent. The audio is playing and cursor cues are working, but what is displayed on the monitor is whatever is in the background (eg desktop or other windows).

  6. This condition is stable. Even if I walk away from keys for 30 minutes, the game will not fully crash. It is possible to tab out and back in both windowed and full screen modes.

  7. Rinse and repeat.

Windows 10 Home 64
AMD FX-8350 8 core 4ghz
24 gb RAM
Radeon R9 380 (driver version - 17.1.1)
Drivers are up to date as of the time of this report.