[Final Build] Grating background noise

Not sure if this is supposed to be like this, or if it is a bug - but the discordant, amp feedback-y, alieny-sound effects seem to come through really loud, cut out suddenly, then drop back in again.

We’re seeing it on an Alien Lair mission, it gets very repetitive after a while!

NB: Sorry for the slightly wonky angle, I was leaning over my wife to get a bit closer to the telly. :joy:

Yup I know this ‘track’, I think it is intentional although i can’t find it on the OST. I got to play more Phoenix point as I have a terrible cold atm and this ‘music’ literally made me mute it all as it was really giving me a headache. Came up on a couple of levels.
Infact even your recording kinda hurts xD.
It would be fine as a momentary choice in discordant sound design but putting it as level music is torture.

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I found it so jarring after a while, I thought it must be some kind of adaptive music bug. Maybe there’s some algorithmic trigger that is supposed to sequence in some of this when a new enemy appears on screen or something, but it just keeps cutting the effect in and out instead.