Some times cant save

As on topic.

As on topic sometimes game make me save progress and some time not. Its pretty random.

Most of time it make me able save game once in battle, and once in globe view.
On first game start that wasnt happened, me was able save every time.

More i can describe there is some speed difference at saving.

Short save with description “process” mean it wasnt saved at all (and new save wasnt created).
Long save time mean it actually write some data.

Fail attemp take ~1 sec.
And success 4-5 sec.

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exactly the same problem and observations

Getting same issue here aswell.

It looks like auto save is working for when after I beat a mission but manual saves are not working, I deleted the one manual that did work from start of campaign and tried saving again to see if a new one would take its place but it didn’t.

Gonna stop playing till this gets fixed, the introduction of the campaign has been amazing thus far, just don’t wanna risk losing progress so far😊


Same here. Dont wonna lost 1-3 h gameplay coz of this issue :wink:

Guys you know you can save during missions? It works for me all the time.

Yokes: Work only once for me. After success save during mission, unable do another save.
Me must wait for another mission to do another save.

So not ony me must finish first mission but me must start another one before another save can be created.

Coz of this game is unplayable now save’s is act as checkpoints(once per mission, none in globe view) :wink: instead of save any time to take a break.

Me dont had it even clue how to fix it.

Strange. My saves always work during mission and I can make many of them.

Saves on the geoscape also save… but aren’t available in load game screen.

from what I see.
I can ALWAYS save at the start of the mission, the longer the mission last, higher chance I won’t be able to save

Ok. Now saves work for me even on geoscape level. I don’t know what has changed. Maybe just try and save as many times as you can and in some point it will save a game?

So far as me tested…
After opening game you can save as many times as you wonna. Wasnt matter if you on geoscape or mission.

  • In mission in pretty random round, you cant save (hard to guest why).
  • After mission is complited , you not able save in geoscape, wasnt matter if you load game or not.
  • when save issue occour after entering to any mission you can save once, or infinite times, hard to replicate “once save” bug.

Critical exploit:

  • after save issue when you use load autosave occouring before nest attack mission, mission is autocompleted with success result :wink: (exploit)

  • same autosave bug can success any mission (even raiding factions for techs/res)

Still testing and try it replicate bug.

To replicate autosave bug, just go inside mission. Save game. And load autosave. Loaded geoscape will jump into success mission window with reward. Of course there wouldnt be any exp for troops, but mission it self is complited.

Unable to save past 4 files. The game has let me save 4 times, it will not let me save a 5th time nor will it let me overwrite any of the other saves. No error response, it just doesn’t do it.

EDIT went in and found save files, they were saving and being overwritten. Deleted the four that were showing on the game load screen to see if this would clear it. Option not available to load game when restarted. So loaded game, saved game, this now shows up on the list. Other saves don’t.

2nd EDIT this might not be a total solution but worth trying if you are having this issue. Started a new game and the save game appears to be working ok as long as I don’t change the save file name and just accept the default filename the game gives.

I have one of the saved games if this is any use.