Some more perk ideas

As if we don’t have enough of these… I do think that there’s not enough variety of perks in game however, so hopefully one or two will get picked up.

Faster Strength/Will/Speed growth - This could be a low level perk that then reduces the cost of training for the respective stat.

Lone Wolf - When no other units are near, this soldier will have a enhanced ability to be stealthy and/or aim.

Night Wolf - Increased ability to be stealthy during night missions.

Urban Wolf - (You can probably tell where this is going… some soldiers could be specialists for different environments)

Tunnel Rat - Increased movement/aim when attacking alien nests.

Better Hearing - More accuracy/range to hear your opponents’ movements.

Jab - A lower AP cost for melee hits/less damage.

Last Ditch - Increased melee damage when health is low.

Ugly as hell - Melee attacks will also reduce will.

Get ready for it - For those moments where you know what is coming around the corner, and where you want to hit it. The sniper can take the time to choose a target when firing from Overwatch.

Increased Overwatch angle - A possibility to set overwatch in a wider arc than is standard.

Too busy to bleed - Reduced bleeding cost OR bleeding automatically stops after a couple of turns.

Mithridate - Reduced poison cost OR poison automatically stops after a couple of turns.

Longer shot burst - Firing automatic weapons will use an extra bullet or two for each burst (the downside being that you’ll reload more often)

Reduced recoil - After the 1st bullet, following bullets will have less divergence from that 1st bullet.

What are you? - I don’t think you should automatically know the enemies’ health/armour value etc, but maybe a perk could let you assess it.

Slinger - Less AP cost/reduced accuracy for throwing a grenade.

Let it cook - Ability to throw a grenade that will explode on the end of the opponent’s turn.

Demolition man - Increased damage when shooting at structures.

Finishing shot - The ability to fire off a single bullet rather than a burst. (0 willpower cost for this one)

Full Auto Wide burst - The ability to set a start and end point for firing, and then unleash a full clip between those two spots.

You should decide what you prefer - more magical spells or more realism :slight_smile:
By the way ,

this looks like useful fix for already existing useless 7lvl Heavies’ ability. Because now you have to aline 3-4 chiron strictly according to your sightline for the beneficial use of this ability (Rage burst, no?) :slight_smile:

What do you think is magical?

For the Full Auto Wide burst I had in mind that it might be something that you would use in combination with an LMG, or a minigun. Just basically spray and pray.

same as for ‘rage burst’, but what you prefer to spray for better pray - Kenzo or virgin spirit? I mean of course I tested that ability with Defender and Hel, and Hel gives much more fun but it’s still useless :slight_smile: Well I hope you already know my position - I take care only about how to effectively use current game mechanics instead of imaginate something new. I’m still here exactly because of endless potential of it - It’s difficult, but it’s possible to find solutions for most of the subtle issues within the framework of what has already been developed - oh please hire me as UX :crazy_face:
Of course, Yokes is suitable for this much better than me (envy his patience), but in any case we are left here by developers to boil us in our own juice and their silence while they do their magic. Therefore, with the full right of the ignored, we can invent and propose any projects :slight_smile: