Some feedback. from a random nab who never finished it

sorry, game gets boring. enemies are too stupid too often and rush too much with heavy casualties.
Phoenix point suggestions:

  1. defense missions: more variety in mission types. I’d rather have harder missions with more enemies, instead of being annoyed at the fact that enemies are bashing the key structures and I have to run to them. I’d rather have a slightly larger map with enemy waves coming from all directions. or we could mix it up and have a map where the allied base is on one half of it and the other half is open ground where enemies come from, but in huge numbers. and then a map where you get attacked from several directions, but lower number of enemies.

  2. I shot some gas canisters, the blue ones, and they did not explode…

  3. sell gear to havens - why scrap a perfectly functional weapon when I could trade it for stuff, depending on status with them.

    • first rank - u can only buy handguns and hg ammo + medkits
    • second - assault rifle/shotgun + leg and head armour
    • third - heavy guns + snipers + grenades + chest armour
      3a. maybe instead of trading they’d randomly generate a procurement quest like “20 odin grenades for 1 assault rifle” or “2 heavy chest armour for 1 sniper”
  4. make all enemies drop all gear they’re carying unless I destroyed them.

  5. show random skills of haven recruits. right now I quick save > recruit > quick load if I don’t like the recruit.

  6. apply the stat modifiers from skills on personnel screen for us lazy people so we’re not surprised when we see a soldier with 4 WP coz of the sniperist 25% dmg -4 WP talent.

  7. being able to access base inventory from anywhere is very nice, but it’s immersion breaking and kinda OP. I get it that the alternative is an inventory mini-game, so how about if each ship has a cargo space for gear. like 150 weight, it would be an incentive to manufacture more stuff. also some buttons to replenish aircraft with it’s saved cargo config. a button to transfer all items/soldiers/vehicles from aircraft to base. now that I think about it, a button to load up soldiers, according to level, in aircraft. saved squad configs would be optimal like. Load button > drop down menu: squad 1, squad2, etc. with renaming options for squads.

  8. fix ammo restore so it doesn’t eat up an entire clip from my stores if the gun had 14/15 shots left after a mission. atm I am scrapping all extra ammo because it’s cheaper than letting a magazine be wasted on a single bullet.

  9. after I recruit a soldier and select a different base than the first one, the first one gets reselected when I recruit the next. say I have a training base, instead of just recruiting everyone there easily, I have to reselect or reload if I wasn’t careful.

  10. being able to select multiple soldiers so I can order them to move or attack same enemy. having to individually select each soldier and watch them slowly walk towards the extraction zone, encumbered by loot, is just tedious and boring and does nothing but make people quit the game and play something else. once you know that you cleared the map and a new spawn is due in 1 turn, there’s zero danger, zero incentive to feel anything else but boredom. it’s like being told u have to do the most tedious homework because “you simply have to”.

  11. alternative to 10, a button “go straight towards the closest evac” or even better, a waypoint system. say u can create waypoints, not just one. u make one on the evac site and then when u press the button the soldier goes towards the selected one. u make waypoint A at evac closest to soldier 1 and waypoint B to evac closest to soldiers 2 and 3. when u select soldier 1, waypoint A will be the default, so all u gotta do is press the button and soldier runs towarsd it. then u select soldier 2, waypoint A is still selected, u right click the waypoint button and a drop down menu appears where u select the waypoint for this soldier, so u select B. same for soldier 3. next turn, soldier 2 and 3 will have waypoint B already selected. even now, I alt tabbed to watch some youtube clip coz I’m retrieving a vehicle and the only enemy is an arthron who can’t do shit except chase me.

  12. vehicle visors. yeah, total game breaking stuff. but, I dunno. what is the reasoning behind us not being able to shoot directly from a vehicle? I guess the gameplay implications are enormous and it would be too hard to properly balance the game? I dunno.

  13. vehicles need to be able to run over monsters. especially worms. so many worms.

  14. prison building where you can convert soldiers that you snatched from other factions. yeah, I’m talking about kidnapping folks.

  15. I keep quitting the game coz it’s too easy. I’m playing on hero and it becomes repetitive. if only enemies would use some skills, like if they had Dash. that would be some scary shit, making me actually plan ahead. if it’s too much, then have a mini-boss per mission, it doesn’t have to be a 1000 hp/ 50 armor boring mob, more like a slightly more durable but a lot more deadly one. A heavy merc using jump jet and war cry in the middle of my squad, damn, now that’s scary. maybe this eventually happens and I quit too early? I usually quit when my second squad with totally random skills is winning every mission with low effort.

  16. enemies rush too much and sometimes they chose to overwatch on their heavies, thus losing 3 AP worth of movement and going in 1 by 1 with their other soldiers. I guess it’s a work in progress. the AI does do a lot of smart things on other occasions, though.

  17. a button for haven defence that let’s you call friendly npc’s to you. it would also make enemies notice the soldier doing it. I suppose this could be also be used to bait and abuse them. lol. or maybe they’ll counter that and snipers will overwatch on that area and prioritize civilians.

  18. dual wielding pistols when?!?!

  19. armor mods, nothing special, 2-3% stealth/accuracy/perception increase.

  20. a more detailed base view. I wanna see the workers work, the scientists science, the soldiers train or sit in the medical bay. I know it’s a lot, but it would be really cool. phoenix point kinda lacks personality, I am talking about the in game organization. xenonauts had a very funny and sarcastic scientist.

  21. when a triton uses pain chameleon you can hover around the grid and find it when the mouse won’t let you hover over that square. this is a cheap way to nulify a pretty cool ability, so make it so soldiers will be allowed to run into that square only to bumb into the triton. this makes free aim shooting the square much riskier since you won’t always be able to correctly estimate where the triton went.

  22. quadruple pistol wielding tritons when!??!?! I am not afraid!!

  23. vehicles get stuck sometimes and even destroying everything around them won’t let them move. it only happened once with a synderion vehicle, never had an issue with the scarab and used it plenty.

  24. some mini-story special encounters a la fallout1/2. like cafe of broken dreams.

  25. more global chatter between the factions, it doesn’t have to affect gameplay, but it would add to the atmosphere.


Some interesting points, I like most of them. :+1:

To point 8.:

AFAIK and if they not change it with the last patch (I didn’t played the game since then):
The global inventory has also partial ammo (better said single bullets) that doesn’t fit a whole magazine, but it isn’t shown there. These are used as first to fill up the ammo of the soldiers after a mission so that there is overall no loss of ammo. If there are no spare bullets in the global store, then only parts of one magazine are used and the rest is stored invisible in the background (so, global inventory -1 magazine, BUT the rest of the bullets are stored).
At least that was the case when I played the last time … :wink:

Use the Replenish option at the end of mission and only the spent ammo is bought.

… if there is no ammo of that type in the global inventory.
This is a different case, otherwise the global inventory is used to fill up the spend ammo and the Replenish option don’t show up.
Or did they change this?

I had 2 Firebird magazines > went in mission with a 8/8 loaded firebird > took a random shot, now at 7/8 > evacuated all soldiers > back to personnel screen, now that firebird is reloaded at 8/8 and 1 magazine in base inventory > went back to the mission, it was a haven defense > took a shot, now at 7/8 in mission > evaced > now firebird is reloaded at 8/8, and 1 magazine in inventory. so it seems there’s a hidden counter for ammo from opened magazines. my bad.

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