Thoughts, feedback and suggestion after trying the game

So here’s my thoughts after playing for a few days:

I love it so far, the aiming, individual bullet tracking, cones, body part damage - all great. A few clunky bits here and here, UI could use polish in a few places, but otherwise great.

Random Rant:
Syndarion is written like someone soyboy high on marxsist propaganda hacked your computer and wrote his impossible dream utopia. The world is falling apart, humanity is dying and they have Star Trek-like tech and designs. Everything is plexiglass and holograms and trees and curved and shiny and clean. Where do they get the materials and time to make all of that? There’s literal monsters and plagues devouring humanity and they waste time and resources on that. Plus all the fawning over Marx and the virtue signalling in the pedia. It’s as subtle as a hammer to the face. The Synadrians are super smart and super-capable, “achieving in months what NJ couldn’t do in years”. There’s no way I can take them seriously.

On to SUGGESTIONS: (and I realize some of these are already being worked on)

  • PROPER MODDING SUPPORT/TOOLS. Biggest and most important thing.

  • Recruiting from independant havens. They would have normal military gear, like todays soldiers. Construction of independant gear.

  • far more recruits and cheaper ones (without gear?) Right now, you really cannot afford losses because replacements are expensive and there’s so few of them. Not to mention RNG can place havens with recruits further away an selection can be terrible. You have to waste a lot of time collecting recruits with planes, at least offer more than 1 per haven.

  • Friendly/allied units on the battlefield. Why are there NO defenders at all, only me defending the havens? No civilians? The world feels kinda dead.

  • havens are too easily destroyed by Pandorans. Attacks should damage a district, and a haven should be destroyed only when all districts are destroyed.

  • when stealing an aircraft, surviving for 5 turns is pointless, as no enemy reinforcements come

  • similar problem with ambushes, they are kinda boring and you can just stay and kill everyone but still have to reach the exit point, even with no enemies.
    I suggest that after the timer more enemies keep coming so you HAVE to run. First two, then 3, then 4, more and more with each turn you wait

  • more weapons that can be created/researched by PP, that is NOT tied to factions. Let us start with simpler ballistic guns and upgrade to better ones. For simplicity, you can start with independant guns and then research PP weapons, but honestly I want to see more.

  • mission victory screen like in the new XCOM (with all of your troopers assembled)

  • higher carry capacity and bigger inventory. It’s retarded that your professional soldier cannot carry his gun AND a backup pistol because it’s too heavy.

  • all the accuracy penalties on heavy armor makes no sense whatsoever.

  • usable weapons drooped by killed enemies should be recoverable. 80% chance to destroy on kill? Terrible.

  • vehicles need balancing. Ground vehicles take too many slots OR air vehilces have too small of a capacity OR vehicles are not worth it. The damage output of 3 soliders greatly outstrips that of vehicles right now. A good offense is best defense. They are tanky, but that’s all.

  • stronger armor. High-tech armor should be better than any chittin or skin.

  • acid resistance coating for armors or acid-resistant armors.

  • more heads, more hairs, more colors, more helmets.

  • proper gattling gun(s) Something like a 3-barrleed 30round burst one (120-150ammo) and 6-barreled 50round burst one (200ammo). Big, heavy ammo packs.

  • on the personnel screen, the ship icon replaced with the actual icon used on geoscape, together with name or marker/number (1 for Manticore 1, 2 for Tiamat 2, etc…), for easier visual reference.

  • allow us to choose starting continent. I started a new gave 100 times and STILL can’t get a Europe start!

Factions could use more distinction and variation:

NJ use gauss weapons so it’s going to be either big, high-damage and accurate, but slow fire and low ammo weapons
low damage (tiny rounds) but high RoF and big magazines.
Or BOTH (multiple weapons per faction???)

Synadrion weapons look like lasers to me (no descriptions for weapons in encyclopedia? Why?), so super-accurate, but low damage
damage falloff with distance (because lasers in atmosphere). Implementing this would require coding, rather than a simple number tweaking.

ANU weapon would be even more gimmicky.

Weapon durability should also factor in, with simpler, robust weapons being more durably than fancy, sensitive ones. Do damaged weapons even have a chance to fail to fire?


I can think of a lot more, but that’s it for now.


Some good observations. About Synedrion, the factions and havens existed prior to the current outbreak of the Pandoran virus. That’s how they can be so polished and shiny with their structures and weapons.

They had many scientists on their side, AI working for them, and even help of Phoenix Project when it could still help.

That would take balance even more to the trash. With current mechanics you can’t do that easily.

Other than that I concur. :wink: Part of it is already on To Do list

That would take balance even more to the trash.

Nah. I modded the game and tried it out. Makes heavies actually useful. Keep in mind that bullets are low-caliber (10-20 damage)

With 10 damage you wouldn’t hurt anyone. And if you will put even 1 shred on each bullet then burst of 50 bullets becomes the best shredding weapon without any additional skills. Now apply to it armor break and rage burst… Jesus!

Then just up the numbers and adjust the scales. 40 armor becomes 400 and 20 damage becomes 200.
A combat system that doesn’t allow weapons variety is a shitty one.

And realistically, a minigun WOULD be the ultimate shredder weapon against LIGHT armor.

That would be hard to mod. Work for devs definitely.

Currently it would rip through the most heavy armors without a sweat. :wink:

EDIT: But to be true that adjusted scale is what I was lacking during my weapon/armor balance. :slight_smile:

I see no problem with heavy weapons ripping trough armor.
You are pretty much always outnumbered and some enemies have a massive HP pool.

I use this:
“guid”: “eaa521a2-eb03-ac94-1b6b-f38c7188b9f7”,
“modletlist”: [
“field”: “ChargesMax”,
“value”: 100,
“field”: “DamagePayload.DamageValue”,
“value”: 30,
“field”: “DamagePayload.DamageKeywords[0].Value”,
“value”: 30,
“field”: “DamagePayload.AutoFireShotCount”,
“value”: 20,
“field”: “SpreadDegrees”,
“value”: 2.0,

    "comment": "NJ Gauss Gattling"

And it’s not an instantkill as it may seem… plenty of enemies survive (as many shots miss) and the damage on that one is 30 AND it has a vastly improved accuracy.