Some feedback about assault + melee class combo

Hello. I have 2k hours in XCOM 1+2. In current build combo: rapid clearance + adrenaline + dash + shotgun + free reload allowed to kill whole map in 1 turn, even strong opp as Siren.

Of Course it’s not even a mid game, but this combo force you to use it, because you can train only assault+mele and bruteforce even strongest enemies with that strat.

Here is VOD in russian:

Quick Aim in Sniper skills also look a bit wired. Less AP + better aim? Too OP

Summarise what i’ve see current skills force player to use assault+sniper (rapid clearance quick aim) or + melee combo (rapid clearance + adrenaline)

I hope DEV team have a solution to rebalance this things, because this combos made game very one sided and too easy to play even at max difficulty in BB5.

Thank you and best wishes on release.