Base turns off med bay

Hi in my campaign my starting base in North Africa keeps turning of Med bay repeatedly. I have 18/30 power so should be more then enough to keep it running, but when I go heal I find it powered off most of the time. Med bay is in my low left corner spot. I also did not encounter this problem until I had my 2-3 base.

My second base in East Asia does the same with living quarters and medbay. Just gotta check every time one of the squads go and visit the place. No problems with other two bases.

@Rozy013 @Nonum this is a bug with the Synedrion Fusion upgrade tech. It seems to be applying the upgrade after the game checks to see if there is enough power for the bases.

Current work around - build another generator

But I don’t have that tech. I have only found one two synedrion havens and our relations aren’t good enough for tech share.

P.s. You are my hero though for supporting Retcon R :slight_smile:

Have the same problem, but in my case it turns off alien containment room and I cannot retrieve siren I just caught. I work so hard to get it… please fix the problem