(solved) Initial NJ Faction Mission gets overridden by Pure Initial Mission

If you skip the NJ Special Mission after revealing their first Haven and don’t find a second NJ Haven in a timely manner then the first Pure mission will override the NJ Faction Mission.

On legend, you pretty much have to skip the first NJ Faction Mission if you find it with a 4 man squad because Return Fire makes it one of the most difficult missions there is.

Nevermind. It will popup again on the next NJ Haven that is revealed.

This mission is possible with the initial 4 man! You may take some hits but such is the nature of strategy games.

My advice, utilize the range of your sniper to out range the new jericho RF, and utilize your heavies hel cannon. Fire with this first as it’ll shred most all of the armor of the body part it hits & will apply the daze which disables RF. only fire with your assaults if 1 of 3 things applies;

  • you’re sure you’ll get the kill
  • the target is dazed
  • or you’re on overwatch (doesn’t trigger RF)

I’ve done this mission multiple times now without heavy dmg or casualties. It’s a good opportunity to get that gauss rifle early on. Which is especially good if you don’t have a good way to raise New Jericho’s diplomacy levels.

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Is this the mission where you have to get the blueprints? There’s so many that I can’t remember them all. If so there is a comment before the mission starts about not engaging the enemy. I just sprinted in the main building with my men to collect them without any hostile engagement.

If it’s not the same mission - then apologise for the strange advice.

Never said it is impossible. However, if you play Ironman this misson poses the single biggest risk during your first week orso and it makes no sense to take it if you don’t have to.

(off-topic, albeit related)
Return fire is a fail troll design and I refuse to be trolled. I wish there was a mod fixing this garbage. Level 1(!) Assaults return fire, even though it is not listed when you inspect them. Also, the icon is extremely unreliable and simply does not show up half the time.

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