Initial NJ Mission Gone When Pure Undefendable Appears

The initial mission was active at the first NJ site I found. Day 4, I just did 1st haven defense and after that the Pure contact came up. I chose to help them. Now the initial site shows the Undefendable mission but the initial one is gone.

…solved…the initial mission appeared at the next NJ haven discovered

This just happened to me, Pure appeared and within just few hours, i got the message for mission Undefendable expiring. Thing is, i cant get the mission from anywhere, checked all NJ bases i have discovered and also discovered few more and cant get the mission in first place at all.
EDIT: i mean i did not have the mission even before Pure appeared, at least on tracked objectives
2nd EDIT: i checked my earlier saved games and noticed i have done the mission Undefendable, but after Pure appear, i soon get the message for expired mission and says no further actions regarding that mission are possible.

Help please, anyone?*