New Patch. 1st mission. Says it all

Started a new game on ‘normal’ My very first mission was to round up the wayward soldiers and was a squad wipe. One of the enemy took 5 hits at point blank before he died. Each time he returned fire and 2 of my soldiers were at deaths door as a result.
The new patch is already talking to me and it’s not good. Not good at all.

After all the hopes I had for PP, this is where all those hopes are starting to die a painful death.

Something else I would like to add is that 3 of my soldiers were sent to do a little stealth flanking. The enemy knew exactly where they where and intercepted them.

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What does this have to do with the New Patch ? Other than not getting rid of this stupid return fire for level 1 assaults in the NJ mission …


I also threw a grenade on top of one of the enemy resulting in doing nothing but scratching his fak-you badge.

I have started the game quite a few times, last time yesterday because of the patch. This mission is exactly the same as it always was. All you have to do is concentrate your guys with OW at the windows looking into the dorm. At this distance a heavy can easily one shot kill each of the soldiers.

I must have done this mission 20 times and completed it easily. I would have done it this time with the same ease if the enemy hadn’t been so darn op. This and the worm mission are usually your first missions and I have never had a problem with either before.

Give a try to Legendary, at worse it could make look Normal easy, eventually it will fit you better.

I have a strategy that works on Legendary with near 100% effectiveness with those 4 basic soldiers.

  1. Move everyone to the gate entrance on the road, hide assaults behind the pillars along the walls and overwatch areas an enemy might come from.

  2. (This part isn’t necessarily useful to you because it’s Legend only I believe) Wait to see where the priest is before jumping in with the Heavy, so that he doesn’t just get mind controlled. (Which might actually be easier now? Still have to wait a few days for patch on MS store)

  3. Once priest is dealt with or position is known and can be worked around, move heavy into a high ground position on top of the fort (unless entire enemy team is coming at you from the end of the street, they’re usually inside the base - if that’s the case though, just jump on top of the wall) War Cry if you have it, otherwise just take low cover (so some will try shooting you, probably missing/doing negligible damage).

  4. Once enemies get close, position your Assaults (who should have at least 1 grenade each here) to throw grenades at any approaching enemies from OUT OF LINE OF SIGHT, so they can’t return fire. Probably won’t disable them unless you hit with two, but it will weaken them so you can more easily fire off a limb if they’re close enough. Dash is useful here still, because you only need one shot typically, but it’s not needed.

  5. Snipe any limbs off approaching assaults so they become useless. If possible (probably after a grenade), you can use an assault to run out, shoot off an arm, and run back behind the wall jut. Tend to keep the sniper down the road near the corner of the map behind the bushes or a vehicle, whatever it spawns in that area. Quick shot helps, but once again, isn’t needed.

  6. Each turn, get as close to an enemy assault with the heavy as you can, and 1-shot it. They often won’t gangbang and instead just run around and maybe shoot once per soldier (which is survivable usually) unless you’re in view of all of them at the end of your turn, so just keep that in mind.

As they slowly close in towards that gate, from either around the wall on the far left side of the map or through the courtyard, they continue to give you opportunities to disable them. The heavy on top of the building keeps them in a sort of confused state, where not all of them rush at you at once and maybe only one or two do at a time as the others try to fight the heavy and fail very hard. The heavy tends to get half the kills on this map for me, with the others being spread out among the other 3

All this being said, it’s always been an unreasonably more difficult mission than the other two, with Anu’s being a complete joke.

Anu = Easy
Syn = Normal
NJ = Hard

… for some reason. Not sure if intentional.

I’m still not clear why the initial mission has L3 assaults opposing you, but now I wait to do that mission until I have at least 5 guys.

Nothing says it has to be done when it is first uncovered. It IS a difficult mission, esp. w 4 level ones. Like others, I wait until I have 5 or 6 dudes to go in with, and at least the original assaults have dash and the heavy the +50% melee.

I’m not a tactical expert, a mathematician or a doctor of classes. I’m a casual player that normally plays the game on easy, and as I see it, to kill the enemy you need to shoot them, and when you shoot them, they will shoot back and then have their turn. That’s how it goes.

After nearly a hundred ours it’s become plain to me that PP is not for casuals. It’s for the hard-core player only. I had high hopes for PP, to the point of buying the ultra edition, but it’s time to realise this game is not nor never will be for me, the casual player.

It’s strange, as if JG doesn’t want anyone to finish the game, or want’s to go down in history as the dev that makes really difficult to impossible games. He is totally against people having fun, I know that.

Or you can learn how to overcome the problem. You have a sniper in your party I assume? Try these tips

  1. shoot the enemy in the arm. Now his arm is disabled, he can’t return fire, or shoot you on his turn. He will run away.
  2. shoot his gun, it will break. He won’t return fire, or shoot you on his turn, he will run away.

It even works for casuals…

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How many times I have done this for the same reasons. The only time I have destroyed a enemy’s gun was after several attempts and then it was to late.
I hit the gun smack on with a sniper and it reports ?? damage, but they always shoot back with lethal accuracy.

Shooting the enemy’s weapon to prevent them shooting back is a fantasy that only works if your darn lucky. I bet it something like 1 in a 100.

A sniper rifle does 100 damage at least, that is enough to destroy almost any gun, the soldier arm has about 60 hit point, a sniper rifle will always disable it IF you hit it, which isn’t hard.

I do it all the time in this game, either that or the arm. Which ever is the easier shot. Human enemies are a breeze in this game, this is why they got a buff they were laughable before.

Also, the mission will wait for you! If you have problems wait a bit till you have a 5-6 man squad and better skills, no need to rush.

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No, just no. I have never ever one shot a weapon with any sort of gun apart from maybe the heavy’s weapon and that usually takes the enemy with it.

Look at the weapon he’s holding while aiming it tells you how many hit points it has! Then look at how many points of damage your sniper rifle does. I see you truly aren’t a mathematician, lol!

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Right, yes, whatever. Are you being serious?

I’ve done it dozens of times in this game, though shooting the arm is ofter easier. It’s not hard!

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It doesn’t matter anymore I have moved on to Machanicus, a much more rewarding and enjoyable game.

PP is simply a extension of JG’s ego and not intended to be enjoyable.

Then why are you still here?