Soldiers deaths management

How I play I have soldiers death rather often. I didn’t felt it as much bothering than in XCOM (Fireaxis) because unlike in XCOM there’s very few point of attachment to soldiers. Ok there’s the special random abilites but that’s it.

Still my experience is that this game doesn’t tolerate much soldiers death. Their recruitment cost a lot too much. The problem is they come with equipment that tend cost even more than their hiring cost, at Normal and even more Easy.

I think it could be fixed by those changes:

  • Hire has an option, no equipment, and then is very cheap.
  • Death wouldn’t lost the equipment, nor even require pick it, at least not at Normal/Easy.

In my opinion this would solve elegantly the problem, at least for non high difficulty levels. You would still hae to spend more in training centers, but in my opinion it would suit better the general gameplay.