Line of sight lines misleading or unhelpful

It would be helpful if los lines were coloured to indicate that a shot can be taken from the location. ATM, AFAIKT they just have the colour that matches the action points left after move.

If that’s not the case, there’s a bug where sometimes an los line indicates a shot can be made, but when the soldier gets there, it can’t


Happened to me more than once. I still tried the shot with manual aim and saw that I did have line of sight.
Unfortunately, miss. I hope they fix this bug where the manual aim doesn’t reflect what’s actually going to happen.

I don’t get your question.
A blue tile and blue line means that movement AND shot can be done from this location with the currently equipped item (you will also see a AP indicator in form of rectangles).
However , sometimes you can encounter two bugs.

  1. additional movement penalty is added (don’t know why) and you ends with 1,99999 AP and you can shot
  2. there is no LoS when you get there
    but these are bugs in the system.

This was my point though I wasn’t sure if I understood what the los indicator was telling me. Also, there’s a difference between having the AP to make a shot and cover then preventing the shot being made.

The impression I had is that there were plenty of AP, but cover was preventing the shot being made, despite the los colour indicating it should be possible.

I was inclined to think bug…

IMHO It’d be better all round if you could turn the LoS indicator off and make your own judgement as a player on whether you’d have LoS from a given location just by looking at the screen.

Yikes. One of the XCom mods I really liked was the one that gave line of sight indication. But each to their own :slight_smile:

(Options are always good) :slight_smile:

With most turn based strategy games, a good part of the fun of the game, for me, is in working out which locations to move to in order to have a clear shot. LoS indicators reduce that element of decision making from the player.

The game started with idea that you could do as many small steps as you want and still take a shot if you have enough AP, so one square walk won’t take away whole action point. You could find a LOS using this on your own, by walking into different squares, but it can be tedious. With LOS indicator in place, the whole idea with spending just fraction of AP on single square doesn’t sound as very useful one.

Now I don’t remember exactly how it works, but when you have two weapons, LOS is either show for current selected one or for one of them. Which is different for cannon/mini gun and pistol/rifle.

Curiously, early firaxcom prototypes had similar ideas. Time stamp: 59 Minutes.

Having line is sight toggable won’t hurt anyone, though having to figure out oddities of stepping out mechanics of first firaxcom was frustrating. Line of sight indicator of Firaxcom2 plus mods cut a lot of tile counting and made experience more enjoyable.

That aid those need to work properly. One of the issues with PP (beyond that LoS indicator seems to not work properly at times) is that having a sight in PP is more nuanced then in firaxcoms. Some kind of colour grading based on how much of the enemy we can see would be nice (red: below 33%, yellow 33-66%, green 67-100%).



LOS lines are fairly accurate IMHO even an expert assault trooper IRL can guess if from a spot can see the enemy but cannot be sure until he’s here.

What i REALLY find annoying is then you target the alien and shoot the concrete you are hiding behind; you need to be real idiot, and put some effort doing it, to shoot with the telescopic sight clear and a wall in front of the barrel; speaking of rifles not of the cannon where you cannot even aim being held at waist height