Experience Points?

Is there any indication of what grants experience points and how much for each?

I learned this by myself. I don’t understand why it isn’t written in the manual:

The mission itself has a “pool” of experience. The pool is formed from three sources:

  1. The general experience, iirc 100 points
  2. The mission experience. It starts on 200 (or 100) and decreases with creates destroyed/ civillians killed etc.
  3. Kill all enemies 200 points

In the result you have a pool of experience that can range from ~300 to 500 (depends on a mission type). This pool is divided across all the soldiers in the squad that DEALT damage to an enemy. The more damage dealt by a soldier the more exp he/she will get and less exp the other soldiers will get.
Soldiers that dealt zero damage don’t participate in the exp division and therefore get 0 exp.

I still don’t know if damage dealt to enemy equipment counts to this, but I guess not.

So paralyzing (which is dangerous in most cases (if melee)) etc. doesn’t give experience??? That’s stupid…
Some roles of soldiers are more or less important for a successful mision or for the fun (!) to play…
Stupid if EXP distribution is only dmg (and a bit for participating).

Once you bring in new meat soldies and have 2 or 3 level 7 veterans, it is a pain in the ass to get exp for the new soldiers - otherwise the level 7 veterans exp is just gone, since they get none.

There should be exp as well for things like scouting, heal, repair, removing mindfragger…

Above post is about general xp after mission, not about soldier contribution to earn that xp. You need to find other thread where it is explained what actions let your soldiers earn experience.

EDIT: Here you have it:

Paralyzing should still give XP since every Paralyzing attack I can think of does some damage.


actually i have mission with lvl 7 soliders… end of mission it looks like this:

mission exp: 600
soldier 1: 0 XP
soldier 2: 0 XP
soldier 3: 0 XP
soldier 4: 0 XP
soldier 5: 36 XP
soldier 6: 18 XP

Soldier 1-4 are lvl 7.
I understand they get no more exp. But exp distribution after the game changes really suck…

It makes no fun to hire “greenhorns” from havens. Since it takes foooooreeeeeeeeeeeeever to get EXP for them… Ok, can put them in base with training center - so they get slow skillpoints…

Either side of the medal is shit!!!

Late game u have not much missions anyway… most time i watch the factions war themselves…

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Yeah. Player must think how to level up his soldiers. But I think that if experience would go only to those inexperienced soldiers whey would level too fast. My few tips: Best way is to damage enemies with your pros, and finish them with your recruits. Also let your recruits fulfill medics role. Give them few medkits and heal all other teammates.

Kills by the militia under your control are counted in the experience pool distribution. So if you kill a half of enemies by the hands of the militia, they will absorb a half of the experience points.

for kills yes, fortunately xp is not granted only for kills