Soldier builds and turning them into Terminators

Does anyone else think that soldiers become too powerful by the end of the game?

I reckon because they can take every special ability from two classes plus three random abilities they become overly powerful and often, they lack soul. They become abolute power houses, especially with some of the combos.

I’d like to see the skills tree reworked so that you can only choose one ability per level with maybe the choice of two at randomly generated levels. I think this way a lot of the OP combos would be nerfed, it would prevent each soldier from becoming the same cookie cutter Terminator by the end of the game and would give each soldier a much higher degree of individualism.

Maybe this would allow the addition of 2 or 3 extra levels per soldier. I don’t know about anyone else, but having just 7 levels seems a little low to me, especially when you’ve built a couple of training facilities and you’re able to fast track your soldiers.


Firstly, I found two class combination as variaty. After many plays, it became more generic. I even found basic multiclass (assault and sniper) as working best, since you get mighty soldiers quite early.

I would prefer to see 10 levels, slower skills build up and more individual skills

At best, instead of some RPG style power slots, way you use soldiers should advance them. One that snipes gets accuracy and long range advancement of few percents, one that throws transfers gets longer throwing range etc. WP can remain for some twice shooting and panic mechanics.