Soldier talents?

There still no info on soldier talents, but with the separate body parts damage, a talent or even a world-wide training for more durable legs, arms, head and torso is a must.

I agree with you in part, although I think this would probably be more down to armour or equipment rather than soldier skills. Maybe implementing mutant DNA to make arms that grow back or something

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Ooooh, that could be cause for a fun mechanic. Maybe adding in the virus dna would make your soldiers significantly stronger but each soldier has a secret limit to how much they can take before it takes over their body. You have to carefully weigh up whether it’s worth trying to get an extra genetic upgrade if it means your soldier might turn manic and half mutate the next time they fail a willpower check. And if you push your soldier to their very limit by injecting dna into them then they start shrieking and twist into a powerful alien abomination which then either escape or you shoot/gas/etc, depending on your upgrades and a RNG chance. If they escape then they appear in a future mission where they’re a very dangerous threat.

The Disciples of Anu welcomes you :wink:

(Yes, DoA “tech” may allow you to regrow limbs or have other mutations on your soldier.)