So how to get early access as fig backer?

So found out about early access trailer just now, but I haven’t gotten any emails about it. Last fig backer related email I’ve had was the one about survey.

Or did I misunderstand something and early access is same thing as those pre alpha backer builds?

The backer builds are the early access for PP, if you didn’t get a package with access to them you won’t have them.

Nah, I do have gotten all previous backer builds. I’m confused about the new trailer that says “Early Access available now” and what that means?

In that case you have the only early access to the game currently available, to be fair it is quite confusing and makes the game seem more available/complete than it actually is at the moment

Umm, okay then, back to waiting I guess

You have access to the game before it is completed and released. The very definition of early access.


It’s the same “problem” everywhere, different companies (and gamers) have somewhat different definition for these terms (“early access”, “beta”, “release”, “quality”, “multiplayer”, etc…), and some will think about a slightly different definition and misunderstood it. I even saw game devs writing down their definition of “launch” and “alpha-beta” stage to lessen the “whining” from players…

For some, they expect early access to be more like a “beta”, where almost every system is there just not finely tuned/polished, and that’s not what early backer builds are for PP.

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We all do the same thing. But maybe… maybe in next two weeks we will see something new on our hard drives :wink:

Good point :stuck_out_tongue:

I probably worded what I was saying a little wrong anyway, I was just speculating how it might look to someone outside the loop of PP and seeing it for the first time

To be fair, the trailer does give a bit of an impression that the backer build 3 is out. I’m assuming that their was a bit of miscommunication on this point (as opposed to the game being in early access in a general sense) in this thread.

i suppose that they even have BB 3 ready. I mean that they could share it. But probably they hunt all bugs which are crawling there, so people couldn’t complain too much about not polished demo release. :wink:

But the trailer doesn’t mention BB3

totally true, but just from the all the cool stuff you see in the trailer, I could picture someone, who might’ve not been into the early access, looking at it and expecting that BB3 stuff off the bat.

No intention to stir up anything at all or even affected by it in the slightest, just chiming in as I can understand how one might confuse this. Maybe a slide saying “New update! BB3! coming in November!”

Although, It’s totally no biggie heh!

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You, sir, are totally right. I’ve backed the game after that trailer hoping to find all that stuff in early-access build. It’s a bit disappointing to see what BB2 has to offer. That said, I’ll wait patiently for BB3 no questions, but this trailer is kind’a clickbait.

That’s the exact purpose of any trailer.

The trailer is for the game in general, as a whole. Up to this point we haven’t had one (unless you count the old, out of date Fig one).

Yeah, I know. It’s my own fault to bait on it, thats for sure :blush:
Just saying that one can misjudge it, like I did

To be fair by the sounds of things you won’t have to wait too long for BB3 anyway although I can understand your point of view