Off Topic Split

Happy to crunch your backers and supporters, instead, I see.

Christ, where did this “backer crunch” concept came from?? It doesn’t make any sense!

To you perhaps.

Maybe he doesn’t have anything else to do than waiting for Phoenix Point release? He is counting seconds to that moment and now counter went up for something like 7,776,000 seconds… Can you imagine his pain?

Oh, so funny. You’d consider cabaret in prisons, they’d love you.

But release date was an estimation, not a promise in the agreement. Early access continues until full release.

Thank you, Mr Crunched. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be true. I only understand @gunnergoz here. His age would make him not opt for more delays. :thinking:

Wow, even the casual ageism.

I suppose you are really sensitive person. It is not ageism, it is understanding different situations. This is reality - at some point you need to think about time progression and you can’t deny aging processes. I have already lost both parents due to their age and I know how people want to do some things before inevitable will approach. Maybe playing games is not one of those things, but time looks really different at different age. When there will be a way to prolong life then there won’t be need for people to look and plan for the near future.

There’s only one thing I can answer to this: CHRIST, where did this “casual ageism” concept came from?! It doesnt make any sense!!

His pain? Or her pain? Wow, even the casual sexism! On a more serious note, good thing that nine hours passed and only 7,772,760 seconds remain. Hang in there, buddy! We feel ya!

I’d fill two encyclopaedias if we start listing every little thing that doesn’t make sense to you. Maybe we’d start with the basics? 2+2 = 4

Actually not my concern. :wink: But as we can see crunch is quite big in here :wink:

@Dark_Ansem @Yokes @samshell OK, lets stop this before it starts getting personal. It isn’t productive and it’s off topic.