Newbie - Early Access Question

So I drug my feet on being a kickstarter backer but ultimately decided I love the look and potential scope of the game, so I just bought a version that includes early access and I’m playing it now.

My question is just WHAT is included in early access? All that I am able to do is fly around a little bit and land & sometimes get into tactical combat. I am NOT able to upgrade my base and it seems like half of the buttons on my screen that might be part of other game elements do nothing.

I’m totally fine with that if that’s all early access is about (playing some random tactical missions & a few fly-around explorations with no base building etc.) I just want to make sure I am not missing part of what is included in Early Access. I don’t expect a finished game before September, but I am a little surprised that there wasn’t anything describing what level of game actions are included with Early Access.

Happy to be here and excited by potential! Just wishing there was a bit more to do than a handful of random tactical battles.

Actually it is all about flying around, doing some battles, develop your soldiers, and discover events on the whole globe. If I well remember there is info in main menu what is new and what is lacking. Base building, research, more advanced production, soldier behaviors, diplomacy and wars between factions, changing objectives on missions are still missing. Also some aliens, weapons, faction units and faction maps are also missing.

Btw edit first post and place it under Phoenix Point section please. There are also players from Chaos Reborn, which may be little confused.

My current objective on build 4 is trying to get all soldiers to level 7. I usually keep one or two level 7’s in a manticore, but the rest are people gaining experience. Level 7’s “retire” to bases to serve as (elite) guards in case of alien attack, allowing the level 1’s spots in the manticore to start developing.