So are the remaining humans in the world immune to the virus?

The pandoravirus seems to be spread through fluid, but in the game, your soldiers are constantly getting spat at, goo’ed, swiped, or otherwise having bits of pandorans showered on them after a huge explosion, yet they are not getting infected.

If the remaining human population are immune, why are New Jericho still being dicks about it, surely they’d realise this? (I’m talking about the NJ ending which doesn’t seem all that pleasant).

If they’re not, then how are we not getting infected? And how come havens aren’t immediately getting destroyed the moment the mist covers them?

Because there is no mechanic for that infection. :slight_smile: Maybe in DLC4? Who knows…

Because mist shown on the globe is not a thick cover embracing everything in it. It is area where mist can show up and aid Pandorans. But it can mean that it covers for example 25% of area there. Not the 100%.

But we have been spat at by pandorans, most probably mindfragged by them at one point or another, and some pandorans/anu even have a virus ability. Yet nobody gets ‘infected’?