Snipers Losing Ammo

At first I thought it was only the Athena, but now it looks like all sniper rifles. If one changes out a sniper rifle and replaces the ammo for the new rifle, the ammo disappears from the unit’s supplies.

  1. Swap out sniper rifle for another type
  2. Put 3 matching ammo magazine on the unit
  3. Manufacture 3 replacement magazines
  4. Switch to another unit
  5. Switch back to the sniper unit

The 3 magazines given to the unit are gone and are not being replaced in stores. So, one loses 3 magazines + the resources require to manufacture them. I have also ended up in battle with the sniper missing the 3 extra magazines.

Most of the time it seems to work (as a work-around) to manufacture the magazines and then give them to the sniper.

For the record I did do an F12 bug report regarding the Athena. This is just more information gleaned as I tried to get around the bug.