Smallest Team You've Consistently Used Successfully?

I’ve managed 4-man teams effectively, once they are double-classed. Heavy/Sniper, Berserk/Infiltrator (luckily he started w the assault rifle perk available!), Assault/Priest, + Assault/Tech.

Anyone use less?

I’ve got a duel infiltrator squad that are my lair cleaners!! Each of them has the “thief” perk to attain 100% stealth… and on that note may I say that 100% stealth is oh so broken…
I’ve read many threads about this topic, but this is the first time I’ve fielded thief infiltrators & can very much confirm that it’s hilariously broken. The biggest threat you can face are bomb chiron’s which if alerted will bombard your last known location, which is why I use 2 in case one of my guys gets unlucky.

But 100% stealth is something that will need a bit of nerfing in the future…


Ditto. Now and then it’s still a mess but generally they can sneak in and ice the spawnary with no issue.

Outside that a team consisting of two non-thief infiltrators, a Sniper, and an Armadillo. Not sure if you’d count that as four or three.

Hmm, sounds like an interesting comp. reminds me of one of my earlier campaign comps
Honestly, so far the most fun missions I’ve had are with a team that flies around in a thunderbird! 4 guys consisting of; A Sniper, Infiltrator, Assault & technician with an Armadillo for support. This comp with the vehicle is so fun to use!! Most missions I really gotta think about my positioning and really utilize the Armadillo’s frontal armor with the Tech driving and popping out for the occasional repair/Turret deployment and the sniper supports from range while my Assault & infiltrator work the flanks. No one on this team has any overpowered skill combo’s (although the infiltrator is dual classed with a sniper, and quick aim allows for a free Double damage poison crossbow shot! Fairly strong…) So immediately eliminating half the map with the snap of a finger isn’t possible… enemies will get to act but again, that’s been part of the fun with that comp. is trying to anticipate the enemy movements!

When you strip away all the overpowered perk combinations, phoenix point actually becomes a real solid tactics game here!

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I find it unfortunate that crossbows are not silent weapons.
I do believe that stealth should be capped at 75% (and vanish not provide a +200% stealth), but at least, squishy as infiltrators are, they should be able to shoot on someone/thing without him/her/it knowing our location.

Smallest team I use is 1: an Infiltrator/Assault with the Thief perk. As others say it’s ridiculously broken. They’re not quite as OP since the Dash nerf but even so with patience, care, a shotgun and a ton of ammo it can handle almost any mission by itself, be it haven defence, base defence, lairs or whatever. Not tried them on Citadels though; that could be tricky as you have to take out all the Chirons and Sirens (and any mist-generating Tritons) before you take on a Scylla.

In my next play through I’m not going to allow myself Infiltrators with the Thief perk. Or Berserker/Assaults.

Yea, I’ve thought the same about the thief perk. Next playthru I’ll do the same and limit the use of that ability. For Berserker/Assault I think I’ll just pick either Rapid Clearance or Adrenaline Rush but not both… that to me is the combo that makes this duel class broken. I will also still limit Rage burst to Automatic weapons only as I find Rage burst with Snipers still too strong. I honestly think that single fire weapons should be limited to 3 shots and they should bring back the old functionality of being able to sweep RB in a cone area like it was in the backer-builds. I actually used that fairly often to sweep across a couple of arthrons with a Deceptor and it was oh so satisfying…

What I remind:

  • 1 Infiltrator, rescue mission, no he hasn’t 100% stealth, but the start setup was lucky, win at third turn, a clone did the trick at second turn.
  • Fail, 1 Infiltrator, Lair mission. Still not a 100% stealth, but fireworms killed him before reach the target. Fireworms ignore invisibility, and I had to do some turns with Vanish and restore Will, that is not move much.
  • Ambush with 3 soldiers, I don’t remind the details. They escaped.
  • 3 soldiers and a vehicle in first parts of an Easy campaign, to have more teams faster. But it’s 6 plane slots.

I don’t see why pick a smaller team:

  • In Easy play, most missions was with 5 soldiers and a Vehicle, only few with 8 soldiers, during first parts some with 6 soldiers or 3 soldiers and a vehicle.
  • In Legend, most missions was with 6 soldiers, some with 8 soldiers, campaign not finished.

We’re not arguing whether a small squad is better to use over a large/full squad… not at all…

The thread is just asking for anyones experience with utilizing small squads just for the hell of it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: