3rd New Jerico diplomatic mission is a bit odd on troop composition

So i just went into the third NJ mission, had to escort a guy to an extraction point. Started off not seeing any enemies, moved my priest into the nearest building and some blips pop up, moved her a bit further and those revealed five infiltrators. No biggie, sent in a pair of assaults and shotgunned them all down. The following turn a huge pile of infiltrators start shooting from out of range, between daze and poison disabling 4 of my 6 man crew.

So i restarted, moved into the same building with the entire squad and let them come to me… At the start of my second turn i had 8 visible infiltrators plus 4 or 5 blips nearby. Had one shotgun assault pop his level 7 ability and started on a mad dash to take out as many as he could, 8 infiltrators died to him and he almost one shot a 9th. My two snipers took another 2 out and finished the one damaged by the first assault, finally causing a mass panic. 12 hostiles dead on turn two… and then i have my second assault do the same thing, i think he only took out 4 more infiltrators. Nothing else in sight, no more blips on the map… moved the quest guy on closer to evac zone. On turn 3 the final infiltrator pops into view, so i send a shotgun assault to put him down and then evac everyone…

I don’t mind numerous weak enemies… but 17 of a single class? Mix in some snipers and assaults, throw in an apc or something. 17 infiltrators was rather absurd.

I think that’s your luck. I’ve got a mix of snipers, assaults and infiltrators in the same mission.
I’ve got lucky and managed to finish this mission with only a few casualties in the enemy team. Of cause I’ve had to break some arms and destroy some pieces of equipment to avoid unnesessary killing. I always feel bad when I kill my Synedrion friends. :cold_sweat:

I too had a good mix of enemies on that mission, infiltrators, snipers and assaults.

I didn’t need to kill or even harm anyone, extraction missions are the only mission type that an APC (notably the armadillo) is actually good at. load it up and move to the exit, extremely unlikely they can punch through the armadillo’s armor and HP in the 2 turns that it costs me to get out, and inside the APC the VIP is almost completely safe. they will not get him if the extraction team includes technicians to simply repair the armadillo if it gets hurt significantly.

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