I have found a cool combo, Technician/sniper

Seems like a stupid combo, but then you realize that means you have a technician that can fire their PDW for free by using the snipers 3 will ability and a sniper that can deploy turrets to cover their ass.

doing so is really good for a defensive sniper in many ways.

I have also found an Infiltrator/Technician is a good combo. The Iniltrator can go pretty much anywhere undetected deploy turrets and sniper enemies with out needing to worry about directly being targeted themselves.

also never underestimate a defensive line of turrets and spider drones.

This said what combos have you guys found to be really useful for none standard reasons?

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You forgot that quick aim does not last the whole round but only for ONE SHOT… so you are just taking a single free burst on that PDW which isn’t really impressive.

Missing the point the fact that you can use quick aim to attack as many times as you have will points and with the right combo of squad means you have a person who can attack infinite times in a turn.

I too have used this combo. I really like it for the free PDW overwatch (I’m already burning WP on commanding turrets/spiders/reinforce, so I don’t use quick-aim on them often)

They’re also usually away from the main battle, so a sniper-rifle is a good combo with them, but I personally wasn’t getting a lot of shots off with it.

I like the sound of an infiltrator/technician (I’m assuming still using the infiltrator outfit, as the techie is MASSIVE negatives to stealth lol) - can then command their spiderdrones and turrets from the safety of invisibility! - sort of like a super-modern soldier. I’m going to have to test this out

I don’t see how you can pull off infinite attacks per turn no matter what your squad set up is. Is this theoretical or have you actually done it before?

There’s no infinite Will, all those skills using no AP would be weird.

you gain 2 will per kill the move costs 3 will to use, It isn’t infinite but it can result in a high amount of kills with the SMG especially against weaker enemies or if you have a heavy soften them up with explosives.

IT is a combo use, alone it is good for dealing with hordes of weaker enemies wiht some one that has shred you can easily deal with harder enemies.

Though in testing the Infiltrator/ techician is a better combo.