Siren mind control mechanics

When a siren mind controls my soldier I try to disable it’s head for it to lose mind control ability. But after I disabled it’s head soldier is still mind controlled.
Is this intentional behavior or a bug?

Losing head make a huge willpower loss. If your soldier has 0 and the siren 2, it still keep it one more turn.
Sirens has approximately 6548 willpower.

And if you sedate a siren, it still keep mind control active. Yeepee. :confused:
Sweet dreams, fhtagn !

Disabling the head I believe is meant to stop the Siren from initiating mind control, but has no direct connection at all to maintaining control over a unit it has already taken over.

This is going off of the recent patch notes and Snapshot including a bugfix where the Siren’s head when targeted in free-aim was not correctly listing the mind control ability as tied to that limb.
Which only suggests that the action to mind control a unit requires a functioning head, once a unit has been taken over then maintaining the control doesn’t require constantly performing the ability again every turn they just need to be able to pay the willpower upkeep therefore a functioning head is not required.

Head is not a vital organ. So overrated. :v

If you disable the Siren’s head she loses all her willlpower. Therefore, once it’s her turn to play, she loses control over your soldier since it costs 2 WP I think.
I tried it in a mission. I paralzed a Siren, but she had mincontrolled one of my soldiers. So I exploded her head and I had my soldier back for next turn.

Ah, makes sense.

That’s true for Pandas - seriously.

Think about it like this: a Pandoran is not an animal, it is a zombie host to a parasitic virus that has mutated and controls it. So the head only vestigially performs the higher-functions of the original organic host. It really is no longer a vital organ.

Of course, that rationale only works for Pandas. Non-vital heads on humans is still as ridiculous as it’s ever been :woozy_face:

For a moment there I thought you meant:

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If that’s the case then “problem solved”. I was always so concentrated to put her (it) down that I forgot to save and try that to see how game mechanics work.

The most fearsome Pandoran of them all.

First priority on encountering is clearly to go for the eyes!


Ok… now I want to recruit some Anu mutated space hamsters.

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