Remove mindfragger Siren control

With A technician I get the ability to remove mindfragger when a Siren has mindcontrolled one of my soldiers. However when I attempt that the game stops pretty much. I get the animation and then nothing. I can’t do anything then so not load a save or whatever either.


I’m currently facing the same issue

Kill siren or decrease siren’s willpower (as it is requires to upkeep mindcontrol). For that you can deactivevate siren’s head as it gives -30 willpower. Read descriptions in enemy items and body parts and what they do.
Increasing your soldiers willpower helps to resist mindcontrol.
If you find out any other solution please let me know.

I know the willpower thing but that wasn’t the point.
the point was 1 if I’m not supposed to be able to do this with my technician then why is it giving me the ability to do so. And 2 if I am supposed to be able to do it then it’s bugged.

And fyi I happened to be in a situation where any shot at the Siren would’ve been return fired by a hell cannon, so that wasn’t really an option.

That’s one of the reasons I never give “return fire” to any of my soldiers. The other reasons are in the numerous “return fire” posts :wink:.

The issue is that the ability should either work and not hang up the game, or not be available at all so the error does not occur.

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