Siren 'keeps' mindcontrolled soldier after I mindcontrol him

I found the following issue:

  • a siren mindcontrols one of my characters
  • I mindcontrol the siren
  • my mindcontrolled character keeps being mindcontrolled

my expection would be that if I mindcontrol the siren that mindcontrolled my character, I would regain control of my character

Also, Siren that’s paralyzed retains Mind Control: this meant that on one of my fights the only remaining enemies were the paralyzed Siren and one of my own soldiers.

If you disable the Siren’s head, it removes 30 from its max willpower.
Sirens usually have 30 willpower (in the last mission they have 50) so that means that they can’t keep mind-control on the next turn (it costs 2 willpower per turn per soldier I think).

I’ve never tried to mind-control a Siren (I could have but … choice with a Triton sniper in the last mission), but the Siren might have an ability to “release mind control”, the same way our priests have.
Anyway, mind-controlling it should remove the mind-control it has on our soldiers. Why wouldn’t you want that ?

OR enable us to control our soldiers through this double mind-control. But then, you have to think about a Siren that controls your priest that controls an other Siren that controls a soldier. :crazy_face:

By the way, it would be great if recovering from mind-control was the same as “daze”, you still get 1AP to get out of harm’s way. Assaults can at least dash if they have 4WP, but the rest are just left to die in the middle of the map.

Anyway, mind-controlling it should remove the mind-control it has on our soldiers. Why wouldn’t you want that ?

exactly this is what I’m missing - for me, this would be the logical approach

I also noticed this. When I mind-controlling a Siren (that mind-controll one of my soldiers) then this soldier is still on the enemy side. At least the “release mind-controll” should pop-up on Siren’s side.

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Somewhat related, mind-controlling or paralyzing a Mindfragger does not stop the captured soldier from being an enemy.

It would appear that Snapshot is not viewing this as a bug. It’s a bug in my book, if nothing other than game design.

I am now in control of the Siren, how then can it control one of my units? If I am controlling its mind, how is it acting on its own to have my unit fire on non-controlled units? As was mentioned, at least give the mind controlled Siren the ability to release mind control.

For what it’s worth, I posted to Canny Feedback.