Signal Disruption Tech

Can someone shed more light on what this tech actually is doing and does?

When a haven gets attacked, there are no casualties during 4 hours.
It basically gives you 4 more hours to arrive there and save the day.

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Sounds super handy. If only there was a tech to lower the attacking strength on them as well.

There is, it’s a New Jericho research that lowers the attack threat level: Walls of Jericho Project.

Signal Disruption Tech requires:

  • Pandoran Telepathic Nodule: comes after vivisecting a Siren
  • NJ’s Satellite Uplink Research

I really have to take some time to publish the tech tree in a nice webapp some day.

I’ve not seen a tech tree anywhere on the net for this game. Be good for someone to put one up with detailed descriptions of what they give, what new research they open up.